March/April 2019 update
from Priti Patel MP

Priti Patel MP was elected on a platform of delivering Brexit and has continued to stand up for Britain and for honouring the result of the 2016 referendum. She has voted against all of the indicative vote proposals and against the Withdrawal Agreement itself on three occasions. This is because none of these options delivers Brexit and most of them are blatant attempts to sabotage it.

The Prime Minister has regularly made it clear that the Withdrawal Agreement will not be changed. Unfortunately, this Agreement is the real problem because it puts the integrity of our country and the future of Northern Ireland at risk and traps the UK into accepting EU laws. Instead of being a free, self-governing democracy the Withdrawal Agreement leaves us firmly under the thumb of Brussels.

It is deeply disappointing that we did not leave the EU on 29th March. Having fallen at that hurdle, the Government should have committed to leaving on 12th April, giving families and businesses the certainty they need and respecting democracy. Sadly, we are seeing every effort being made to extend the deadline. The decision to delay Brexit until 31st October will not bring the country together and nor will it find a solution to the current crisis. It will cause more divisions, create more uncertainty and is another humiliation for our great country.

Priti Patel’s Speech on 29th March – the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
The endless delays to Article 50 are becoming a shameful ritual

Apart from actively campaigning for Brexit through speeches, articles and media appearances, Priti has continued to be busy with other national and local issues affecting her constituency of Witham.

On 9th April, Priti took advantage of Treasury questions session in the House of Commons to press Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to make funds available for the dualling of the A120, as part of her campaign for improvements to infrastructure in Witham and surrounding areas.

During a debate on Housing on 9th April, Priti raised the issue of developers circumventing 5 year land supply calculations in local plans, quoting the example of Gimsons being given planning permission in Witham, for a project that over-develops the proposed site in contravention of the draft local plan.

Tourism Week - 2.04.19
Priti attended a special event in Westminster on 2nd April to promote English Tourism Week, where she met with Arts, Heritage & Tourism Minister Michael Ellis. She emphasised the important contribution tourism related businesses make to the local and national economy, mentioning several tourist attractions in her own constituency of Witham.

On 2nd April, Priti took part in a debate on the Business Rate and called for wholesale reform of business rates to encourage local authorities to invest in town centre development.

She contributed to a Parliamentary debate on tourism on 20th March, mentioning the value of tourism and picking out key tourism venues in her constituency:

On 1st April, Priti welcomed Rail Minister, Andrew Jones MP to Witham Station for the launch of Delay Repay 15, a new scheme that allows rail travellers who suffer train service delays of between 15 and 30 minutes the opportunity to claim back 25% of their rail fare.

The Barbrook Lane Planning application by Gladmans, which was turned down by the Planning Inspector but has now been appealed. Priti continues to work with residents and the local Parish Council to oppose this development.

Priti expressed her disappointment with the Braintree District Council Planning Committee’s decision to approve the application for the Gimsons site in Witham. She strongly opposed the application because it constitutes over-development of the site and goes against the existing and draft Local Plans. She continues to work with local residents to see if there is any further action that can be taken to block this development.

Priti initiated a Parliamentary debate on Transport infrastructure in Essex, which took place on 6th March. She introduced the debate herself and during her remarks particularly emphasised the urgent need to progress with the A12/A120 improvements. Meetings are planned with Essex County Council to keep the pressure on for these much needed projects to go ahead.

School Visits

Honywood School - 22.03.19
Priti visited Honywood School, Coggeshall on 22nd March, where she took part in a 50 minute Q & A session with 6th form students about her life as a Member of Parliament and her motivations for becoming a politician. A number of current topical issues were also discussed including Brexit, housing and education.

Priti was also pleased to meet up with pupils from Stanway Fiveways Primary School, during their tour of Westminster on 21st March:
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