Priti concerned over rail fare rises

Published: 3rd December 2018 - 2:20 pm Category: General News Local News

Witham MP Priti Patel has expressed concerns over the latest announcement on January’s increase in rail fares, which will see season tickets from some commuters in the constituency passing the £6,000 mark. Commuters buying annual tickets from Marks Tey to London with a travelcard will see their fares rise by £188 to £6,068. Tickets to London from Hatfield Peverel will rise to £5,544, from Witham to £5,692, from White Notley to £5,696 and from Kelvedon to £5,864. Tickets from those five stations which do not include a travelcard have risen by between £136 and £152 per year to £4,416 from Hatfield Peverel, £4568 from Witham, £4644 from White Notley £4792 from Kelvedon and £4932 from Marks Tey. Priti said:

“These rail fare increases will be felt in the pockets of commuters next year. With so many services being delayed and cancelled and engineering works closing lines over weekends, commuters deserve far better value for money. It is about time we starting seeing some real improvements for the high fares paid.”

“Although considerable new investment is planned with new trains being rolled out next year, these fare rises will still leave commuters with a bitter taste and we expect Network Rail and Greater Anglia to do far better.”

Table of Fare Increases:

Ticket / Station Hatfield Peverel Witham White Notley Kelvedon Marks Tey
2018 London Annual £4,280.00 £4,428.00 £4,500.00 £4,644.00 £4,780.00
2019 London Annual £4,416.00 £4,568.00 £4,644.00 £4,792.00 £4,932.00
Difference £ £136.00 £140.00 £144.00 £148.00 £152.00
2018 London Travelcard Annual £5,376.00 £5,516.00 £5,520.00 £5,684.00 £5,880.00
2019 London Travelcard Annual £5,544.00 £5,692.00 £5,696.00 £5,864.00 £6,068.00
Difference £ £168.00 £176.00 £176.00 £180.00 £188.00

Data from National Rail Season Ticket Calculator

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