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Published on 14th February 2024 Published in National News

Priti speaks in a Westminster Hall debate on Foreign National Offenders. During her speech Priti reinforces her longstanding belief that the rights of victims should be put first, not the rights of foreign criminals. Priti also shares her experiences of this issue while as Home Secretary. Recounting stories of left-wing …

Enough is enough… the system is broken and we simply have to be tougher on asylum

Published on 5th February 2024 Published in National News

The current asylum system is collapsing. The pressures caused by illegal and dangerous routes to claim asylum, facilitated by serious organised criminal gangs exploiting people and profiting from human misery, not only costs lives but undermines public confidence. This is counter to our national interest because the same criminal gangs …

As an ex-Home Secretary we must back Rwanda bill – and stop civil servants grounding planes

Published on 16th January 2024 Published in National News

It’s now been almost two years since the partnership with Rwanda was agreed and the legislation in the Nationality and Borders Act was passed to enable the Government to remove asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally to process their claims in safe third countries, like Rwanda. As the Home …

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