Priti Patel MP visits Museum of Power

From left, John Lowe, Honorary President, Debbie Thomas Museum Manager, Dr Roger Griffen, Vice Chairman, Priti Patel MP, James Gulleford, Assistant Museum Manager, Dick Waylen Chairman, Mark Weale Vice Chairman, during her tour of the Museum of Power.

Priti Patel MP visits Museum of Power

Published: 2nd September 2019 - 10:35 am Category: Local News

During her visit to the Museum of Power on Friday (30th August 2019), the Witham MP, Priti Patel was invited to become a patron of the Museum by its Chairman and Trustees.  Ms Patel was at the Museum for one of her regular catch-up and tour sessions and was delighted to receive the invitation.

Commenting after the visit, Priti said: “It was a very pleasant surprise and an honour to be invited to become a patron of the Museum of Power.  I have been a regular visitor and I always do my best to help publicise their activities because I recognise the value of tourist attractions in and around the Witham area as well as in the country, as a whole.

Dick Waylen, Chairman of the Trustees of the Museum said; “We were delighted to invite Priti to become one of our patrons as she has been a good friend to the Museum, frequently making time to visit us and some of our major events, no matter how busy she is.  There could hardly be a busier time for her than right now!  This is our way of saying thank you for the support she has given us.”

During her visit, Priti toured the latest Museum exhibits, including a special ‘Space & Rocket Power’ display dedicated to the moon landings and was given an update on the Museum’s business plan, its proposed development plans, how they are using their Lottery funding and their highly successful schools programme.


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