Priti Patel supporting improvements to UK vehicle washing industry

Published: 5th September 2018 - 9:05 am Category: Local News

Witham MP, Priti Patel, met with The Sandu Foundation at their offices in Coggeshall to discuss improvements to the UK vehicle washing industry [Thursday 30 August 2018].

At the meeting, Priti discussed the WashMark™ Programme, supported by The Sandu Foundation, which aims to educate vehicle washing sites across the UK to help them become compliant and secure WashMark™ accreditation.

WashMark™ accreditation is awarded by the Car Wash Advisory Service (CWAS) and guarantees that wash sites are fair and safe for both employees and customers. WashMark™ ensures that wash sites provide high quality customer service; pay all employees at least a living wage; protect the environment; and have health and safety policies in place.

After the meeting, Priti said:

“I had a very productive meeting with Dawn Frazer at The Sandu Foundation about the WashMark™ Programme.

“The Sandu Foundation does fantastic work to bring about change in the UK vehicle washing industry, educating wash sites and helping them achieve their WashMark™ accreditation.

“It is important the both employees and customers feel confident that their wash sites are fair and safe. I look forward to working with Dawn and The Sandu Foundation to help improve the quality of wash sites nationally.”

Dawn Frazer, Managing Director at The Sandu Foundation said:

“We were very pleased to welcome Priti Patel MP to our offices in Coggeshall. The issues faced by the vehicle washing industry are not about race, religion or political views, they are about human beings and business practices that have been allowed to go unchecked for many years, leading to the death of Sandu Laurentiu Sava in 2015 at a car wash in Bethnal Green.

“The support we receive from people such as Priti Patel MP is invaluable and we would ask all MP’s to support us as every area across the UK will have unregulated wash sites that affect their constituent’s lives. Support to compliance, followed by enforcement is the only way to create a car wash industry safe and fair for all.

“Whilst, at the moment, we are supported financially by CWAS and our membership programme, in order to drive the industry forward, we need more people to look at our website, understand what we are doing and come and join us. At the very least we would like every car driver to complete the Big Car Wash Survey, which is anonymous, but will help us design a phenomenal UK vehicle washing industry that is safe and fair for all!”

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