Priti meets new Headteachers and gets quizzed by students at two Witham schools

Priti Patel MP at Maltings Academy with left to right , David Hatchett, Director of Standards & Quality (AET), Sherry Zand, Headteacher and Damian Lee, Executive Head Teacher.

Priti meets new Headteachers and gets quizzed by students at two Witham schools

Published: 6th December 2021 - 11:10 am Category: Local News

Local MP, Priti Patel has spent a morning (3rd December 2021) visiting two schools in Witham. She began with a visit to Maltings Academy during which she met, for the first time, new Headteacher, Sherry Zand and Damian Lee, who is the Executive Headteacher at the Maltings and New Rickstones academies, both of which are part of Academies Enterprise Trust. A Meet the Students forum followed during which Priti spent time with students from Years 7 – 11, in a lively discussion session.

Priti followed up with a visit to New Rickstones Academy, where she met new Headteacher, Simon Gibbs. Damian Lee then hosted another discussion session for students from Years 7 – 11. The discussion sessions at both Schools gave students the opportunity to talk about their experiences studying during the pandemic and to put questions to Priti about the life of a politician.

Priti said: “It was good to catch up with the two new Headteachers, Sherry and Simon. I look forward to working with them both in the future. I always enjoy spending time in our local schools and talking to the staff and their students. It is important to me that they feel they are listened to and their experiences are taken on board. Students coming through the education system are the lifeblood of our country’s future and the staff are an invaluable support in their development. I am more than happy to give them every possible assistance.”

Sherry Zand, Headteacher at Maltings Academy said: “It was a pleasure to have Priti with us and I know that our students enjoyed their session with her. Meaningful contact with local civic leaders is an important part of every child’s education as is an understanding of the real life of a politician, which we heard a good deal about during her visit.”

Simon Gibbs, Head Teacher at New Rickstones Academy said: “Our students were very excited to meet Priti and we had a lively and enjoyable discussion session during which academic life in the pandemic and hopes for the future were discussed at length. We were grateful to have Priti with us and I know that our students learned a lot from her visit.”


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