Tolleshunt Major Parish Council meet with Priti to discuss local road safety issues

Tolleshunt Major Parish Council meet with Priti to discuss local road safety issues

Published: 14th February 2024 - 12:03 pm Category: Local News

Local MP Priti Patel met with Tolleshunt Major Parish Council to discuss the concerns they share regarding the destruction of Bennet Island at the junction of Tolleshunt D’Arcy Road and Witham Road. Priti shares the frustration and concerns of the Parish Council and village residents about the dangers posed by the damaged junction and local road safety issues from lorries through the village. In addition to these issues Priti also discussed other highways safety concerns and maintenance and repairs issues, which she has raised with Essex County Council on their behalf, and the impact of large vehicles travelling through the village to use the Beckingham Business Park.

Priti said: “The destruction of the Bennett Junction is unacceptable, and it is very poor that the junction has been left to deteriorate in this way with little attention from the transport authorities. I am pressing Essex County Council to provide a timeline for its repair and for works to be carried out to make this junction safer and address the wider road safety issues from heavy goods vehicles passing through this small village. I pay tribute to the Parish Council for their persistence and thank them for working with me to raise this issue further.”

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