Priti appalled at vandalism of lifesaving defibrillator

Priti appalled at vandalism of lifesaving defibrillator

Published: 18th March 2024 - 2:39 pm Category: Local News

Priti Patel, MP for Witham, has met with representatives from Templars Community Association and Essex Police following the appalling vandalism of the community provided defibrillator equipment on the estate. 


The vandalism of the defib follows recent reports of higher levels of anti-social behaviour on the Templar’s Estate, and in her role as the local MP, Ms Patel met with  Louise Howard (Chair, Templars Community Association), Steve Marshall (Vice Chair, Templars Community Association) and Staff Sergeant Simon Jesse from Essex Police.  


Priti was appalled that the lifesaving defibrillator cabinet had been vandalised for the second time, and understands the concerns now both in terms of funding a replacement of the equipment as well as the longer term viability of keeping a community defibrillator in place if this anti-social behaviour is not addressed. Previous vandalism of the defib occurred in 2022, with community fundraising alongside a donation by Sanctuary Housing (developers of site on Conrad Road) helping fund a replacement device.  


Speaking after her visit, Priti said: “It is appalling and beyond comprehension why anyone would want to damage such vital lifesaving equipment. After learning that the defib was vandalised for a second time I was keen to meet with the Community Association and for Essex Police to also attend. 

During my time as Home Secretary, tackling Anti-Social behaviours was a core focus, with a part of this ensuring the police had the resources they need through the Safer Streets Fund.  


In our meeting, we discussed how we can better protect the defibrillator & CCTV equipment and reassure residents. I am calling on Essex Police to step up patrols in the area in conjunction with the relevant local authorities. I will continue to work with Louise and Steve from the Community Association to ensure that residents feel safe, lifesaving medical equipment is protected and that criminals who perpetuate these crimes are sought out and prosecuted.” 


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