Priti Patel meets up with Realise Futures Social Enterprise

Priti Patel MP with Oscar Marsh, Engagement Co-ordinator for Realise Futures.

Priti Patel meets up with Realise Futures Social Enterprise

Published: 19th July 2019 - 5:44 pm Category: Local News

The MP for Witham, Priti Patel has today (19th July) met with Oscar Marsh, Engagement Co-Ordinator at the Realise Futures Social Enterprise, which is dedicated to finding work for disabled people in Essex and Suffolk.  They help with training and the development of new skills and operate six social businesses covering retail, manufacturing, catering and horticulture.  All of these social business offer employment and opportunities for adults with disabilities or those that are disadvantaged.

Priti said: “It was very heartening to hear about the work that Realise Futures is doing in Essex and in Witham to help people with disabilities to get work.  They provide the skills, training and work experience.  Disabled people have a huge amount to offer the business sector and organisations like Realise Futures are a vital link which allows businesses to tap into this resource. I am more than happy to work with them to ensure that disabled people get all the help they need.”

Oscar Marsh, Engagement Co-Ordinator at Realise Futures said: “We had a very useful meeting.  It is vital that our Parliamentarians are fully aware of what Realise Futures is doing in the community.  Only by raising our profile with key regional representatives can we ensure that we are reaching out to the people who need our assistance and building bridges that will help disabled people with the right skills to link up with businesses in Essex and Witham.”

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