Priti presents the Chief Scout’s Gold Award to a Silver End Scout

Priti Patel MP presents Alexander with his Chief Scout’s Gold Award

Priti presents the Chief Scout’s Gold Award to a Silver End Scout

Published: 21st July 2023 - 9:24 am Category: Local News

Priti Patel MP, Witham’s Parliamentarian, has presented a Chief Scout’s Gold Award for super-achieving Scouts to Alexander, a Silver End Scout, at their recent meet.  The awards are for Scouts who complete the nine challenges needed to earn a Gold Award.

These challenges include volunteering in the local community, committing to regular physical exercise, developing new skills, camping out, trying new activities that they have not attempted before, taking part in expeditions, working as part of a team over three months, leadership skills and completing two personal challenges.  The latter involving the Scout choosing one challenge and the Scout Leader another and can be as difficult as giving up using a mobile phone for a week!

Alexander’s personal challenge was the construction of a pressure washer from a kit and then using it to keep the patios at his home clean and tidy.

Commenting after the presentation, Priti said: “I was delighted to be able to present this award to Alexander who has demonstrated commitment, resilience and adaptability.  It was very inspirational to hear about the way he approached the many tough challenges of the Chief Scout’s Award.  I hope his parents will be extremely proud of what he has achieved.”

The award was presented on a special Scouts v Parents evening during which teams of parents and scouts competed against each other in a variety of activities including Tomahawk throwing, Human Hungry Hippo competitions which involve using a skateboard and a washing basket to collect balls and stilt races.

Silver End Scout Leader, Phil Kilburn said: “Congratulations to Alexander for achieving his Chief Scout’s Gold Award.  Our Scouts have excelled themselves this year and deserve the highest accolades for their fantastic achievements.  It was great that Priti was here to present him with his award and to congratulate the winners of our Parents v Scouts competition.  Once again, the parents came out on top.”

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