National Grid’s proposals for new pylons and overhead power lines in your area

National Grid’s proposals for new pylons and overhead power lines in your area

Published: 23rd May 2024 - 3:46 pm Category: Local News

The National Grid are currently consulting on plans to impose around 100 miles of new overhead power lines and more than 500 large steel framed pylons in East Anglia between Norwich and Tilbury, including through this part of Essex. This consultation is taking place prior to a planning application being submitted, and follows on from two previous consultations in 2022 and 2023. The consultation runs until 18 June 2024.

Within the Witham constituency the line of route runs between Coggeshall and Fairstead. This may affect your community with around 50 new pylons proposed and a small section of tunnelling around Fuller Street. These plans will harm our communities and blight our landscapes and environment, and although new reforms are supposed to ensure that community benefits are provided when new energy infrastructure is built, there are no plans or guarantees that these will apply to this scheme. We could end up with all the adverse consequences and damage caused by new pylons and the construction works to build them, but no direct benefits.

While we all want to see greater energy security and welcome the expansion of offshore wind generation, the lack of clear long-term and holistic planning combined with secretive contracts agreed between the National Grid and developers means we now face the consequences of these proposals for new pylons. Since these proposals first emerged, I have been working with local campaigners and colleagues in Parliament to oppose these plans and press National Grid to put forward alternatives, including an offshore grid and more tunnelling. These alternatives could be more effective in the long-term at supporting the new infrastructure needed to bring electricity generated from offshore wind turbines to the grid. However, the National Grid have not changed their approach.

Many constituents have already been in contact with me to voice their concerns and I would like to ensure that you are aware of the plans, can respond to them, and share your views with me. The details of the consultation can be found at the weblink below, with information also being made available in local libraries.

Consultation events and webinars are also being held and the details of these can be found at:

If you are responding to the consultation, please do feel free to copy your submission to me by email or let me know your views. I will be collating the comments sent to me and raising them with both the National Grid and with the Government. Your comments may help us to build a strong case for these plans for pylons to be dropped.

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