Priti opens new classroom at Woodham Walter Primary School

Priti cuts the ribbon to open the new classroom, alongside 11 year old Mia Scholey, Chair of the School Council.

Priti opens new classroom at Woodham Walter Primary School

Published: 28th March 2023 - 11:31 am Category: Local News

On 23rd March, at a special ribbon cutting ceremony, the Rt Hon Priti Patel, the MP for Witham, opened a much-needed new classroom at Woodham Walter Primary School, alongside the Chair of the School Council, 11 year old Mia Scholey.

The new £100,000 modular classroom was delivered to the School  in two complete parts and installed by crane.  The new facilities were badly needed because the School wanted an intervention area in which children can be taught in groups smaller than whole classes, catering to their small group needs. Previously, it did not have such facilities, only classrooms for each of its four classes.

The plan is for class 4 children to be moved into the new classroom and for their old classroom to be divided into appropriately sized learning areas. This will allow space for the School library, which had previously been sacrificed to provide a learning area, to be reinstated.

Speaking after the opening ceremony, Priti said: “I’m delighted to have been here to open the new classroom, which will make a big difference to the children attending Woodham Walter Primary School by enriching their learning experience through providing the flexibility for small group learning and reinstating their library.  The new classroom is a particularly impressive achievement as it was provided entirely through funding from donors and careful financial control.  The School should be very proud of its success.”

Geoff Hicks, the Chair of Governors, who hosted the ceremony, said: “Our new classroom will significantly improve the areas in which the children are taught, giving them much more comfortable environments where they will naturally be more receptive.  It cost over £100,000 and we obtained no extra funding from the diocese or the Local Authority.

“We achieved the build through prudent financial management and with substantial financial help from local businesses and individual donors, who all wanted to support our wonderful, local and rural School.  Our thanks to all of our donors and to Priti for being with us on the big day.”


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