Priti presents a special award at the Silver End Scout ‘Oscars’

Priti Patel MP presents the Oscar for the Best Educational Activity 2022 to April, at the Silver End Scouting Oscars ceremony.

Priti presents a special award at the Silver End Scout ‘Oscars’

Published: 29th January 2023 - 2:17 pm Category: Local News

The MP for the Witham Constituency, Priti Patel, has attended the annual scouting award ceremony, known as the Scouting ‘Oscars’, at the Silver End Scout HQ, in Silver Street, Silver End, to present a special award.  Held on Friday 27th January, the ceremony included awards for a variety of Scouting achievements including the Patrol of the Year award, the Scout of the Year, Best new Scout of 2022, the Best Camp of 2022, the Hardest Working Scout of the Year and Most Improved Scout of 2022.  The winners of the awards are decided by a ballot of Scouts in the area.

Priti was there to present the Oscar for the Best Educational Activity of 2022.  It was a closely fought competition but the narrow winner, by just three votes, was a ‘Remembrance Themed night in which they were visited by an historian dressed as a World War II ARP Warden. He gave a fascinating lecture about life on the home front and the Scouts were able to see and handle objects from the 1940s – including stirrup pumps for putting out fires.  Priti presented the Oscar to April, who accepted the award on behalf of her Scout group.

The winners from all the categories at the Silver End Scouting Oscars.
The winners from all the categories at the Silver End Scouting Oscars.

Speaking after the ceremony, Priti said: “I was thrilled to be there for the Scouting Oscars ceremony and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the many wonderful achievements of the Scouts in my constituency.  The breadth of activities that they have participated in during the last year was hugely impressive.  I was particularly impressed with the winners of the Best Educational Activity, who chose a very inspirational theme.  I strongly support the Scouting Movement because of its long history of encouraging young people to develop new skills which help them to develop their own lives and also to help people in their communities.”

Silver End Assistant Scout Leader, Phil Kilburn said: “It was an excellent night in which some very worthy winners received their Oscars. It is always good to see hard work rewarded. It was particularly pleasing that Priti was able to be with us to present our Best Educational Activity Award, which was a particularly competitive category, with some really strong entries.”

The full list of awards and winners:

Best New Scout – Lucas

Most Memorable Moment – Theme Park & Fire Works Camp (accepted by Erin)

Best Sleepover – Trampoline Park (accepted by Amelia-May)

Best Adventurous Activity – Gorge Scrambling (accepted by Freya)

Best Camp – Wales Summer Camp (accepted by Bradley)

Best Activity in Silver End – Geocaching (accepted by Taya)

What made you laugh the most – Cardboard Camp (accepted by Edward)

Most Improved Scout – Michael

Best Educational Activity – Remembrance Talk (accepted by April)

Hardest Working Scout – Xanthe

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