Priti writes in CityAm today [2 August 2018] on leaving the EU giving Britain a fresh start and an opportunity for national renewal.

Published: 2nd August 2018 - 9:21 am Category: National News

The British public voted to take back control of our laws, borders and money and any attempt to keep Britain bound to EU rules and controls would defy the democratic will of the people. That means leaving the Single Market and the customs union. As well as ignoring democracy, the doom-mongers re-running Project Fear are talking down our country, economy, businesses and people. Leaving the EU gives our country a fresh start and an opportunity for national renewal. Outside of the controls of the EU, SM and CU we can pursue new trade deals with fast-growing economies across the globe rather than be bound to the EU whose economic power is in decline.

No longer threatened or burdened by the risks entailed by EU membership, the City – with all its brilliance and ingenuity – will thrive as a centre of global capitalism. Access and mutual recognition to financial services with our European friends and neighbours can be secured as we negotiate from a position of strength. With the City of London being the financial lifeblood for so many businesses on the Continent they would not want to face the risks of rewiring their structures.

The government must believe in Britain and our prospects as we seek a level competitive playing field and market access for our strong services sector with mutual recognition. Not being run by remote control by Brussels and with no EU rulebook, Britain can have an economic plan based on prosperity and opportunity with full trade freedom, which will show the world how open markets and pro-competitive regulation is the route to economic freedom and success.

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