Backing Hong Kong nationals

Priti meets with Benedict Rogers, co-founder and chief executive of Hong Kong Watch

Backing Hong Kong nationals

Published: 23rd January 2024 - 10:23 am Category: National News

Priti Patel was delighted to recently meet with Benedict Rogers and his colleagues from Hong Kong Watch. In January 2021, the Government launched the BNO visa when the Chinese government imposed the National Security Law in Hong Kong. The visa reflected the UK’s historic and moral commitment to the people of Hong Kong who had their rights and freedoms restricted through the imposition of the new security law.

The visa route enabled BNO passport holders and their dependents to live and work in the UK for up to five years, providing them a pathway towards permanent residency and citizenship. As the Home Secretary who established this scheme, Priti is proud of the contribution that people from Hong Kong are making to our country.

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