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Sunday Telegraph EV cars

Overzealous net zero targets open the back door to an invasion of Chinese cars on Britain’s roads

Published on 6th August 2023 Published in National News

The presenters of Top Gear pulled no punches as they ridiculed Chinese cars on a visit to the country just over a decade ago.  “It is the most tragic looking thing,” Jeremy Clarkson boomed, looking down at one manufacturer’s effort to imitate the iconic Mini Cooper.  “Like someone has described …

Daily Telegraph NZ

Priti Patel: We must pause net zero targets; Former home secretary warns voters are being “left behind” by the pursuit of green policies

Published on 31st July 2023 Published in National News

DAME PRITI PATEL has urged the Government to pause its net zero targets as she warned voters are being “left behind” by the pursuit of green policies.  The former home secretary criticised a “corrosive culture” of pursuing time limited targets amid pressure on ministers to redraw some of their current …

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