Tax cuts

Priti Patel writes in the Telegraph about her vision for the Autumn Statement.

Dare to be a Conservative, Jeremy Hunt

Published on 22nd November 2023 Published in National News

The Chancellor must make a start on cutting taxes and curbing spending in this week’s Autumn Statement.  Record taxes, higher spending and mass state subsidies are not usually the hallmarks of a Conservative government. In this week’s Autumn Statement the Chancellor must be bold. Our country needs the growth that …

It is time to cut the tax burden that is holding Britain back

Published on 3rd October 2023 Published in National News

The triple threat of inflation, a high tax burden , and sluggish growth is harming household budgets and impacting businesses. Britain has faced down similar challenges in the past – and we must learn from history to chart a new economic course for our country. Those old enough to remember the 1970s will recall a …

Response to Government’s fiscal measures

Category: Local News Published: 23rd September 2022 - 4:50 pm

Families and businesses across Essex are set to benefit from a substantial package of tax cuts announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his mini budget. The cuts to taxes include a reduction in the rate of income tax from April 2023, cuts to Stamp Duty, maintaining the Corporation …

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