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Small boats crisis won’t be solved without a clampdown on lefty lawyers, says Priti Patel

Published on 30th July 2023 Published in National News

Former Home Secretary Priti Patel has demanded that the Government has “a clampdown on lefty lawyers” who are gaming the system to prevent Britain from tackling the small boats crisis across the Channel. Ms Patel, who was Boris Johnson’s Home Secretary, has already run into problems from leftwing activist lawyers who prevented her Rwanda …

Priti says: Opportunity for sustainable offshore energy grid shouldn’t be missed

Published on 30th April 2023 Published in Local News

Going through Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, this corridor of metal will blight some of our most beautiful landscapes and harm the environment. By PRITI PATEL 17:01, Sun, Apr 30, 2023 – Daily Express Britain is a world leader in generating clean, low carbon and renewable energy, with 40 percent of …

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