Priti Patel MP robustly opposes the Weathersfield Special Development Order

Published on 27th March 2024 Published in General News

Witham MP Priti Patel is opposing the Government’s plans to grant itself planning permission to continue to use the former RAF Wethersfield site for large-scale asylum accommodation for another three years. The Government have tabled a Special Development Order (SDO) statutory instrument, which is set to come into force on …

As an ex-Home Secretary we must back Rwanda bill – and stop civil servants grounding planes

Published on 16th January 2024 Published in National News

It’s now been almost two years since the partnership with Rwanda was agreed and the legislation in the Nationality and Borders Act was passed to enable the Government to remove asylum seekers who enter the UK illegally to process their claims in safe third countries, like Rwanda. As the Home …

Get Rwanda Done

Published on 18th December 2023 Published in National News

Witham MP Priti Patel last week spoke in the Parliamentary debate on the new Rwanda Treaty and the UK-Rwanda Partnership. As the Home Secretary who introduced the original Rwanda plan, Priti challenged MP’s who sought to speak ill of the country of Rwanda, and reminded the House that this partnership …

What we must do now about the Rwanda plan

Published on 16th November 2023 Published in National News

By working on all options to overcome the legal barriers raised, we can get the Rwanda partnership operational, deter illegal migration and deliver the strong border controls the public expect from a Conservative Government, says Dame Priti Patel. We are all frustrated, angry and disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision to …

Daily Express small boats lawyers

Small boats crisis won’t be solved without a clampdown on lefty lawyers, says Priti Patel

Published on 30th July 2023 Published in National News

Former Home Secretary Priti Patel has demanded that the Government has “a clampdown on lefty lawyers” who are gaming the system to prevent Britain from tackling the small boats crisis across the Channel. Ms Patel, who was Boris Johnson’s Home Secretary, has already run into problems from leftwing activist lawyers who prevented her Rwanda …

PP Rwanda article

I share your anger at Rwanda legal wrangle but only a noisy few are against the flights

Published on 30th June 2023 Published in National News

SUN readers will be dismayed by the Court of Appeal decision to rule against plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and have their claims processed there. Each month, thousands attempt the illegal and dangerous crossing of the Channel from the safety of France, and you rightly expect the Government …

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